Welcome to Pixel Portico !

Pixel Portico is a dynamic photography and architecture collaborative based in Pune.

‘Pixel’ is a minute area of illumination, one of many from which an image is composed and ‘Portico’ acts as a porch attached to any structure or the guided entrance to it.
The name portrays two basic and significant features in the field of Photography and Architecture ; highlighting the fact that the firm serves both photography and architecture requirements of the clients with optimum solutions.
Pixel Portico aims to provide you with the best outcomes for your requirements,  guided with utmost creativity and thoughtful approach which goes in details of the problem right from the beginning, as the name say it.
It definitely assures you with content souls and memories for lifetime!
With experience across varied scales and typologies, our portfolio comprises of progressive and innovative solutions.

Services offered:

1. Wedding and Pre wedding Photography

2. Architectural & Interior Photography

3. Product photography

4. Maternity & Baby Photography

5. Fashion Portfolio Photography

6. Travel Photography